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Meet Chloris Lowe

Chloris Lowe is a member of the Sky Clan of the sovereign Ho-Chunk Nation (HCN). He has dedicated well over two decades of his professional life to working with and for the Native American Nations. Lowe's leadership was instrumental in the planning, development and implementation of the economic foundation of a multi-billion dollar tribal economy. The Nations members have twice elected him the leader of the Ho-Chunk Nation. He personally negotiated on behalf of the HCN with the U.S. government for recovery of 1200 acres of Traditional land for the Ho-Chunk Nation and the co-management of 6,369 acres with the State of Wisconsin.

Following his last term of office as President of the Nation (1997), Chloris accepted a position with the National Museum of the American Indian - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. He also worked in partnership with Bruce Morrissey (Dupont Legal) and Thelma Antal (University of Delaware at Wilmington) to develop and teach a course for four semesters at the University of Delaware - Wilmington entitled: "Current Native American Issues."

Chloris has developed day-to-day working relationships with Tribal Leaders from all over the Americas. Since 1980 he has successfully worked with and negotiated with U.S. Senators, Congressman, Governors and local officials to develop and bring projects into Indian Country which have benefited both the native and non-native communities.

He resides within the traditional territory established by his ancestors thousands of years ago in what is now known as the southern half of Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois.

In his leisure time, Chloris backpacks into the canyon country of the Four Corners area of the southwest (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona) to explore ancient Native American cultural sites which date in time to 6,500 B.C. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and jogging.


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