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Unique Expertise, Tailored For Your Needs

Lowe Consulting offers a lifetime of expertise and contacts in Indian Country to policymakers, to board members and leaders of corporations, and to entrepreneurs and small businesses of the world.

We work confidentially with the leadership of your organization to assist you in strategic planning, communications, and organizational development and change to successfully access and work with Indian Country.

We initiate programs and solve problems -- large and small -- for clients throughout the world.

We are armed with decades of knowledge and experience in Indian Country, but we do not come with pre-packaged programs. Each project is unique -- shaped to a single client, for a singular purpose.


Strategic planning is at the core of our service. Much of our work is classic strategic planning: assessing an organization's abilities and needs, listening to its goals and desires, developing a solid plan for action and a team capable of leading it, and adding timelines and benchmarks by which to measure success.

Our work is built on extensive research of client needs, issues and the environment in which they will be considered. Our recommendations will always include creative solutions built on sound research and science.


Whether your message needs to develop a client, or your career hinges on a single report or a reporter's question, our writers and communications consultants become a trusted and creative part of your team.

Our experience helps to bridge the gap between vision and implementation. We help shape your message and advise your spokesperson. We help gain the access and visibility you want and build the image you desire.

Our work has impact. Regardless of your message for Indian Country, we will design a strategy to deliver the message in a profound, compelling way.

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