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Doing Business in Indian Country

The Sovereign Nations of what is today the United States are a unique composite of old and new, traditional and contemporary.

While the over 560 Sovereign Tribal Nations share some basic values, each has its own standards of culture, religion and governance, to address the unique needs of its people today and into the future. Moreover, regardless of its size, each Sovereign Nation is before all else a family. Negotiating with the family requires a highly personalized approach.

Understanding that decisions are reached in different ways and for different reasons within each Nation is core to communication, and, ultimately, success in working with Indian Country.

Lowe Consulting offers a lifetime of experience interacting at all levels of Native America. As your liaison to Indian Country, Lowe Consulting:

  • provides your company access to decision makers
  • assists you in developing a strategic plan to work successfully with specific Nations
  • helps you harmonize your business offerings to the Nation’s unique needs as they move forward within the world community

Before Lowe Consulting will agree to assist you in your efforts to move in concert with the Sovereign Nations of this hemisphere, you MUST meet a very strict code of access. Please see our Qualifying Statement and contact us for more information.

Please note: you must be serious about working with Indian Country due to the expense you will incur in the review and pre-qualification process. We utilize one of the premier Native American Law Firms in the world, Jacobson, Buffalo, Magnuson, Anderson & Hogen, and you will be required to work with them in your review process.

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