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Language Preservation: The Ho-Chunk Language Project

Recognizing the devastating effects of the loss of Native Languages, in 2001 Chloris Lowe – Lowe Consulting, United States, and Johannes Helmbrecht – German Linguist from the University of Erfurt, Germany met in the United States and discussed the demise of the Ho-Chunk Language and the need to take action to save the language. It was decided from these early conversations to develop a project that would document and preserve the Ho-Chunk Language. Since this time Chloris Lowe and Johannes Helmbrecht (with the assistance of many, many others) have worked closely together to develop the project to where it is at today (2008), and additionally to potentially expand the project beyond its original goals, objectives and timeline. Lowe Consulting continues to work directly on this project as a facilitator, negotiator and liaison to guide the project forward here in the United States while the German linguistic team works both in the United States and Erfurt Germany. This project is jointly financed at approximately $650,000 U.S.

Click here to visit the project site.

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